UPDATED: JAN 2019 Click to email me: Mail: rod@creations-by-rod.co.uk?subject=Website Query:&body=Notes for Guidance:

If enquiring about an existing product, please refer to it by its name, eg "KX Paper Rack Duo" (rather than "box that holds different size paper" - so I know what you need information about!).

If you are enquiring about the possibility of having a "bespoke" design built, please give as much detail about the item you wish to store as you can, including the length, width/diameter of a single item, (eg. "XYZ Markers as sold by Blobbycraft, 150 mm long and 14 mm diameter. I want to store 100 of them"). Also attach a photo if you have one! Hand made storage solutions  For your craft supplies... Welcome! Find us on  facebook

An ever expanding range

of craft storage inserts for

IKEA Kallax / Expedit cube units and similar!

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Inserts for

IKEA Kallax/Expedit Cubes

(Can all be used free-standing)

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